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I have so many childhood travel memories it's hard to pinpoint the first one. But have you ever thought about how your first travel memory could have influenced the way you travel now.? I believe that childhood travel memories play a significant role in the type of travel experiences we seek to create in adulthood. After finishing school I started traveling alone. Travelling makes me a mature human being and a sensible person. Traveling helps me to explore & get off your fears. Traveling helps me explore my inner self & helps in healing from the past because you tend to meet people from different places with different stories. Barring the north-eastern part of India, I have covered all the major destinations within the country. I am yet to do an international trip though.

Public Speaking

Most people have heard that speaking is the number one fear. Regardless, at first glance it may seem odd but I love public speaking.

For me, public speaking is most rewarding and exhilarating when I drop into the flow state. I am the type of person who likes to be heard by the people around me. I want others to know what I think about a certain event. Along with putting my opinions out there, I also enjoy spreading information that I know. Things I have learned, I love to share with others.

With Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy
With Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy



It is a community of nerdz started by me that wish to penetrate the blogging culture in India and subsequently the world with a simple goal in mind: To provide excellent content curated by the people that most understand their current generation audience. Neuronerdz wishes to create a youthful brand with content emerging from a diverse array of youth across the country and hopefully, one day around the globe 

Social Work

I am a part of an organization called "Light and Life". It is run by a group of young enthusiasts. This organization was founded to cover a major aspect of the life cycle that is animal welfare as no other NGO focused on this topic in and around. Hence, it was our major objective to focus on things which are generally ignored by today's generation. We also aim at uplifting society and focus on the empowerment of each and every section of it. Light and Life believes in a phrase - "They Grow, We Grow". Where 'they' is referred to the underprivileged sections of the society.